Large scale sculpture for public sites, round-abouts, commercial property, parks and urban environments.

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public sculpture fort Bromsgrove School, exterior sculpture

5 metre high sculpture. An entrance feature for an independent school in Worcestershire. It describes aspiration, community, development and athleticism.

sculpture in steel for ashton under lyne

Large sculpture of a family group for Ashton-under-Lyne town centre

Stainless Steel Sculpture public art

Stainless Steel Sculpture

large metal Sculpture with aviation theme for Wolverhampton Business Airport flying planes

Airport entrance Sculpture

sculpture in metal as water feature

garden sculpture of a lotus – can also be a water feature


Flying Anvils Sculpture for Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Contemporay sculpture exterior art

Contemporary sculpture for housing development


Detail of sculpture

Detail of sculpture

stainless steel sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture to comemorate the explosion at the WW1 munitions factory in Ashton-under-Lyne


Sculpture by Paul Margetts

wind sculpture

Wind sculpture for a commercial property in Bilston

contemporary sculpture

Sculpture of Atlas for housing development

school sculpture

Sculpture for a primary school near Manchester

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Garden Sculpture by Paul Margetts

Garden sculpture and landscape art. Sculpture sizes suitable from small patio gardens to large park-land pieces.

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garden sculpture flying birds

Flying Geese Sculpture

sculpture of Paul Margetts garden sculpture, public art

Examples of some of the sculpture of Paul Margetts

Lotus Garden Sculpture water feature

Lotus Garden Sculpture

stainless steel water feature garden art

Stainless Steel Sculpture – Two Crescents

garden sculpture art

Garden Sculpture – Joy

contemporary garden sculpture art for garden Sculpture for Gardens – “Focus”

garden art sculpture for exterior sites

Embracing Dancers – Sculpture

More examples can be seen at

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Fire Irons by Paul Margetts

Hand made fire irons and tongs for open fires and wood burning stoves.

Pokers, tongs, shovels, pokers etc

Fire Irons, Pokers

Crescent Fire IronsLeaf fire irons on dog

Fire Irons on og with leaf design – other designs available.

Log Tongs for Fires

poker, pokers, fire poker
Poker with Rams Head Design.
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Arched Candlestick

Candlestick - Treble Swirling

Candlestick - Double Floral

A range of candlesticks are produced by Paul Margetts

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Steel Sculptures – Interior

Interior Sculptures by Paul Margetts

Interior Sculpture in Metal

Interior Sculpture – “Karma”

Mobile Sculpture

To see a video of this sculpture moving, please click

Interior sculptures

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Wall Clocks

Wall Clock in Steel


Wall Clock - "Jupiter"

Wall Clocks in forged steel

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Fruit bowls

Crescent Fruit Bowl


Fruit Bowl - Flames


Fruit bowls in steel

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